AGM 2020

Meeting  held on 10th August 2020 @ 19.30 @ Mowsbury Park Bedford, MK418AH


In attendance:

Kevin Henson (Club Chairman)

Dom Cecila (Vice Chairman)

Martin Henson (Treasurer)

Mark Henson (Child Welfare Officer)

Mary Lines (Administrator)

Jonathan Lines (U11’s Coach)

John Martin (U12’s Coach)

Theresa Cecila (Parent)

Lorenzo Cecila (Player)

Steve Phillips (U11’s Manager)

Sally (Parent)

Phillip Owen (U9’s Manager)

Marcus Girling (Adult Manager)

Darius (Proposed Secretary)

  1. Chairman’s Report:

Meeting opened by Club Chairman Kevin Henson; Welcoming & thanking those in attendance; Apologies for Absence received from Len Simkins.

Everyone appears to have moved forward from last season’s Agm where there were a few conflicts of interest between certain people.

Unfortunately, the last season was cut short due to Covid-19 all teams where doing well with the Adult team & Kyri’s team progressing into finals.

The planned 50th Anniversary also didn’t go ahead due to Covid-19, but everything is still in place to celebrate at a time when is safe to do so obviously the committee, presidents & lifetime members were disappointed by this outcome but the safety of everyone must come first.

The Finances were taken over by Martin Henson last season and all running well only issues is chasing receipts and asking for online payments to be promoted more.

We welcome Phil & Dean on board as New Manager & Coach for U9’s, everyone else apart from Kyri who has decided to move his team away from the club will be continuing with the club with the teams they had last season moving up age group with the acceptation of Sogga who will remain at U8’s with other coaches helping him out at training and home games and possibly a designated parent to help at away games this season.

We are looking to promote club moving forward to try and raise funds towards getting our own ground.

2. Minutes of A.G.M. held 2019 are available if anyone needs a copy please see a member of the committee.

3. Vice Chairman’s Report:

Dom agreed with everything the chairman had raised, he happy the club is moving in the right direction with the committee all on board and hopefully we can keep moving forward and start the season on time.

4. Secretary’s Report;

No Report given as Secretary has resigned.

5. Treasurers Report:

Martin has copy of financial report if anyone wishes to see please ask committee member.

Committee agreed report self-explanatory covering Income & Expenditures.

Referee fees are increasing by 10% and no discount is given the more teams you have playing as was asked by Jonathan Lines.

Overall Summary is available from committee.

Steve suggested he has not been reimbursed for Santa outfit he had purchased for Xmas party, but was unable to provide receipt for this so club unable to refund at present time.

Jonathan asked if there were any other ways to raise funds other than the Xmas Raffle as the older players don’t always buy tickets, meaning the younger age groups sell more for the club rather than being across the board.

6. Financial Guidelines changes:

Committee & attendees voted for the proposed guideline changes to go ahead as per the financial guidelines supplied to all committee members by Martin a copy of this is available from any committee member if anybody requires them.

After everyone voted the changes in Steve queried the change to the team pots not being allowed to be rolled over to next season but the remainder left as 1st June goes back to the club, this was explained more clearly and everyone voted again and accepted.

Phil raised question about sponsorship and kits being returned etc how this all works, this was explained to him by chairman, If you have Sponsor you can use sponsorship money as per your decision for your team i.e. buying kit’s, training kits equipment etc, If player has signed and decides to leave if the Kit is returned within required time frame a refund will be given, if no Kit returned no Refund.

Council have been in contact with Martin regarding pitches changing rooms etc if everything is in place and following guidelines issued by all side’s they are looking at reopening September.

Club has purchased face masks, gloves & sanitiser for all managers as these MUST be worn and used if attending to players etc on pitch at games or training etc.

7. Election of Officers:

At Present

  • Club Chairman – Kevin Henson
  • Vice Chairman – Dom Cecila
  • Secretary – Mark Henson (Temp)
  • Treasurer – Martin Henson
  • Child Welfare Officer – Mark Henson
  • Administrator – Mary Lines

No one proposes any changes to the above except for Club Secretary role needing to be filled & voted in.

Secretary position has been temporarily filled by Mark Henson who has been doing a great job & now reluctant to hand over the role in full and is proposing a joint Secretary roll with Darius as Assistant Secretary, and between the 2 of them they agree on who will do what jobs within the position.

Darius is happy to role share with Mark.

Voted by committee present & attendees the following:

Mark Henson General Secretary

Darius Assistant Secretary.

Chairman continued meeting after all elections accepted, that we continue on from last season, have good season this time round with No fines, No conflicts by side of pitches by all that represent Brickhill and try get through to some finals.

8. A.O.B:

No one had any other business to be brought up at the meeting with the acceptation of Steve who asked if it was possible to be paid travel costs as he travels from Northampton for training & games the club unfortunately do not pay travel costs as everyone does there rolls and games, training etc as a volunteers.

9. Closure:

Meeting ended at 21:00 by Club Chairman.